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 Riscone handlebar tape


Clean Grip Handlebar Tape

Brand new for 2010, the Clean Grip tape is a fantastic innovation for any rider who maintains his own bike or anyone who understands the value of keeping things neat, clean and comfortable. 

This new bar tape has a tacky backing that doesn't melt and turn into slime like those of years past. It keeps the tape firmly in place even when drenched with sweat. When it comes time to rebind, the tape can be removed, cleaned and re-applied.

What about comfort?
From the smooth leather-like surface on the white and black tape to the soft suede-like texture on the grey tape, right down to the gel based backing, this is some seriously comfortable bar tape.

The tape provides an incredible cushion to the hands and wrists to absorb the vibrations created when riding. Another unique feature is where the tape ends towards the centre of the bar. Instead of the old style tape that always crinkles when applied, we use a super soft silicon band that creates a beautifully smooth transition area between the tape and centre of the bars. So when riding with your hands on top of the bars you get the smoothest possible feeling and great comfort.

Available in Smooth White, Smooth Black and Soft Grey.
End caps are light-weight ABS plastic with a chrome finish.
Smooth Black PL-CGHT-SW
Smooth White PL-CGHT-SW
Soft Grey PL-CGHT-SW

Black Carbon PL-HT-CB-B
Sliver Carbon PL-HT-CB-W
Black PL-HT-BK




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