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PRO-Lite is all about staying down-to-earth and working with real riders and racers. We take pride in the fact that much of our reputation comes from performance on the track, not just in facts and figures. We work hard to make products where the results speak for themselves.

Because of this, we often get emails from racers all over the world that tell us how our product has helped them drop huge chunks of time off their results or how much people enjoy riding our stuff... or whatever. Rather than keep all of that under wraps, we decided that it would be great to start highlighting these members of our community.

So here the spotlight shines.

These are real riders. These are people who put their lives into racing year after year - most of which is paid for out of their own pockets. These aren't the guys that you find on the covers of the glossy mags in the supermarket. These are the bread and butter of the racing world. They might not all be podium squatters, but they are serious and dedicated individuals.

We are proud of each and every one.

To the left: Photo Contest winner Simon Johnson.

On the right: the stunning young rider Aaron Gate, recently crowned Rider of the Year and named to the starting lineup at the Commonwealth Games!
Image To the left: One of our most popular Interviews, the inspiring story of Ben Laws and his son, beating the odds with action!

On the right: Ian Sim, firefighter and Time Trial riding family man!
Image Image

The first place winner from our Photo Contest. We liked his pics so much, we decided to show more of them! Enjoy!


These are the guys who got us started with Pro Interviews. An inspiration to many, Richard Bonhof is a visually impaired rider who doesn't let that stop him from WINNING bike races.

In the Spring of 2010, we started a new sub-feature: Junior Athletes. Because we have gone to no small effort to design and manufacture a serious kid's bike, we have had a chance to learn about some really inspirational youths. Here is your chance to read about them.

Image Image Image

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