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Technical Information

These pages will grow as we make as much technical information about our product available as we can.

We are dealing with a highly technical product, which should be assembled or serviced by accredited mechanics who are really competent in the handling of products like Pro-Lite. If you are ever in any doubt, please contact us for definitive advice. That said, please use these pages for technical information "straight from the horse's mouth"!

NEW - Wheel Service Focus
Hub and Freebody Service Videos
Spoke Tension Guide
Spoke Replacement Guide
Wheel Reference
DT Swiss Spoke Tensiometer Manual:
DT SWISSReproduced with permission of DT Swiss.
Click the pic to view on Issuu.

Pro-Lite Spokes:
spokeSuper high strength Swedish stainless steel (Inox) spokes, 30% stronger than...

website

Wheel Owner Information:
Updated 06-23-2011
Click the pic to view on Issuu.        pdf

Wheelset Specification:
wheelsetspecPlease click here for the specification of the full range of Pro-Lite wheelsets.
Click the pic to view on Issuu.           pdf

(rewrite pending)

Bolzano Hub Tech info:
Baz hubpdf Bolzano Hub - The design and construction

pdf Bolzano Hub - Stripdown and reassembly information


  Pro-Lite 2-in-1 Hub Tech Info:
2in1 hubSwitch from Freewheel to Track axle - VIDEO!

pdf Padova Disc Wheel (Track and Road) instructions

pdf Vicenza Carbon Wheel (Track and Road) instructions

Disc Wheel Info:
discSwitch from Freewheel to Track axle - VIDEO!

pdf Padova Disc Wheel - Construction

pdf 2-in-1 hub (track and road) instructions


Pro-Lite Wheelset Factory:
media See Video >>

Want a little more background on the where and how your hand-built wheels were made? Check out our Masters Series article: Masters of Wheelbuilding


Frame Technology Support Info:

PBS frame tubing:
7046 tubingPBS 7046 = POWER, BODY AND SOUL.
This specially developed tubing is PRO-LITE answer to SCANDIUM tubing. A full alloy frame comes in at around 1045 gms Without the heavy price tag of SCANDIUM.
website


CompositesAs much of our product range relies on composite material, we have
assembled some definitive notes on the subject. The file is quite large, but it is well worth a read for anyone who deals in composites.
It will dispel quite a few common misconceptions!
pdf Composites Guide PDF (2.34mb)

Pro-Lite Geometries:
GemGeometries for our framesets.

website

  Monocoque Frame Construction:
monocqueThe Pro-Lite PBS Galileo frames are 100% carbon fibre construction.
This means that there are no alloy lugs used in the construction and then hidden.
Many frames today claim to be a monocoque construction.
website What does monocoque actually mean?

eniconS.G.S Test Report - EN 14781
The Pro-Lite Galileo frames have passed the testing according to EN 14781 (European Safety requirements and testing methods) - Test by S.G.S.

pdf Complete Test Report

Want a little more background on the where and how your hand-built frame was made? Check out our Masters Series article: Masters of Frame Building

Other Products:

Seatpin testing:
seatpinWe have completed a number of tests on both our own Pelligrino seatpins, and those of many others in the market. You can see the results of those tests by downloading a table of the results . We also have the load deflection graph of our own Pelligrino Mk2 seatpost.
NOTE: We are now offering the Pellegrino II and are working on Pellegrino III, but newer versions are subjected to the same testing conditions and must pass the tests with similarly excellent results before being officially added to the Pro-Lite product lineup.

Pelligrino Load Deflection Graph

media Seatpost testing (Video)


Trieste Aero Bars Technical Manual:
Technical manual for the Trieste model of aero bar.
Click the pic to view on Issuu.