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All our wheels are hand built at every stage. We do things the hard way at Pro-Lite right down to soaking the nipples in oil for 2 weeks before we build the wheels. Each spoke is checked 6 times for tension during the building process and so strict is our QC control that we reject around 40% of our wheels after final truing for being more than 0.05mm out of true.

All our gauges used for tension checking and truing are re-calibrated twice a day with a computer controlled checking system. Each batch of spokes is QC checked for strength prior to building using our own testing machine. It is this machine that led us to discover that our spokes are 30% stronger than any others on the market.

Don’t be fooled by dubious words describing the virtues of some brands' products and especially the rubbish they talk about wind tunnel testing. If a wheel is not built correctly in the first place it does not matter how aerodynamic it is, if it breaks due to poor workmanship, then your race is lost.

See wheels built the Pro-Lite way: the hard way, by hand.        


 Padova Tubular 2 in 1
 Padova Clincher 2 in 1
 Rome 5 Spoke

 Gavia P55 50mm/50mm Tubular 
 Gavia P59 50mm/90mm Tubular
 Gavia P99 90mm/90mm Tubular

 Vicenza F50 Front 50mm 2 in 1
 Vicenza F90 Front 90mm 2 in 1 
 Vicenza R99 Rear 90mm 2 in 1

 FULL CARBON WHEELSETS - Full Carbon Clincher

 Gavia P33 38mm/38mm Full Carbon
 Gavia P55 50mm/50mm Full Carbon
 CARBON WHEELSETS - Carbon with Alloy Clincher

 Gavia P55XH 50mm/50mm Alloy Rim
 Gavia P59XH 50mm/90mm Alloy Rim
 Gavia P99XH 90mm/90mm Alloy Rim

 Vicenza F50XH Front 50mm 2 in 1
 Vicenza F90XH Front 90mm 2 in 1
 Vicenza R90XH Rear 90mm 2 in 1


 Gavia P22 22mm/22mm Superlight
 Bracciano  27mm/27mm
 Stelvio  30mm/30mm


 Merano  30mm/30mm
 Luciano  30mm/30mm
 Como  30mm/30mm


 Rosa P33 30mm/30mm Track Wheelset
Padova Disc Wheelset - Carbon tubular and clincher
Vicenza Wheels: Full Carbon Tubular
Vicenza Wheelsets: Carbon Clincher / Alloy Braking Surface
Gavia Wheelsets: Full Carbon Tubular
Gavia Wheelsets: Full Carbon Clincher
Gavia Wheelsets: Clincher - Full Carbon / Alloy Braking Surface
Gavia Wheelsets: Gavia Superlight
Rosa Track Wheelset - Carbon and Alloy
Rome Carbon Wheelset
Bracciano Wheelset
Stelvio Wheelset
Merano Wheelset
Luciano Wheelset
Como Wheelset
MTB Wheelsets
Pro-Lite Spokes, Wheelbags & Spoke Tool