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For the moment, we do not sponsor any riders. We understand that it is difficult for many people in this time of economic uncertainty to keep up racing without sponsorship, but our primary focus is producing quality product. Pro-Lite has always been about the end result and we feel that if the product is good enough, that will speak for itself and people will talk. Indeed, this has already started to happen.

We do support several riders and teams in various ways.

If you are interested in working with us, please contact . Let us know if you want to appear on this page.

Teams we are currently promoting include: Individual Riders we support include: Events we currently support include: Organizations we currently support include:
Affinity Cycles

GB Fire Service Team

Swift Racing

Team Positivo Espresso
Bradley Smith

Mark Kleanthous 

Many other riders are promoted as well on our Pro Interviews page

Extremely informative instructive videos for anything bicycle.

Protecting the integrity of cycling and promoting clean cyclesport.

Father-Son inspirational team.
Read their story!

Father-son inspirational team.

We are happy to promote your team and help you promote yourself as well. If you feel you have something that would go well on our website or in our newsletter, please feel free to contact  and of course if you would like to be featured on our Pro Interviews page as well.