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Aerobuster System

What is the most important characteristic in a Track or Time Trial frame?

Power Transfer

More important than featherweight equipment, aerodynamics and geometry, simply put, Power Transfer determines how much of the force from your legs becomes momentum.

Rigidity and strength are key factors here and every track racer knows their value. And this is a key reason why carbon composites are so attractive.

Serious riders will consider the rigidity of every element of their bicycle, starting from the shoes right on through the frame and fork and on through the wheels.

So it's little surprise that seasoned racers prefer to race on exotic carbon monocoque frames with the rigidity extending all the way up through an Integrated Seat Post (ISP).


However, this brings to light a major worry for anyone contemplating such a purchase. Sooner or later, that ISP is going to have to get cut. Horror stories get passed around the cycling club house about guys who fork out $$large$$ for a sweet custom frame only to realize that they cut it an inch too short. Frightening scenarios float through the mind about being the next guy that gets people whispering about a tragic miscalculation."What happens if I screw up the cut?"

Enter the Aerobuster system.

Little short of the perfect solution for every track or TT rider, the Aerobuster system consists of four frames with infinite possibilities.