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Cycling is an excellent sport for all ages, however modern high performance bicycles are not designed to accommodate children’s body proportions and small size. To date no brand or supplier has been able to replicate the real race geometry into a children’s bike due to the fact that everything is designed for adult bikes.

Pro-Lite developed The One in 650c and 24” wheel size in response to the requests from the Italian Cycling Federation to meet the need for a true high performance road racing bicycle for use by the up and coming young riders. Riders as young as six can now ride competition level road bikes. In the Dutch Bike Motion a 4 year old boy was presented with a 24” wheel version by his parents.

After months of development, the first of our two new bikes for Junior Athletes is unveiled.

Like the models in the road oriented "The ONE",  The One Cyclecross / Piemonte Jr and TheOne Track is designed around the geometry of younger riders who just don't fit a small bike. As a sub-models, it features all the same quality of the the adult models.

The Pro-Lite TheOne children’s bicycle is used by cycling federations worldwide to develop the next generation of champions.

 24 inch 
CycleCross   Track