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We have studied riders hands and handlebars to provide you with the perfect grip on the bar making it more ergonomic and extremely comfortable to hold.

The Abductor was specifically developed to reduce palm pressure and take away the feeling of the cables under the handlebar tape. This is truly a rider’s handlebar and many riders proclaim this is the handlebar designed by a rider.

As Pro-Lite produces its own tubing we have the perfect facility to tailor the tubes into the perfect handlebar no matter what the function.

Our range of handlebars is designed with one thing in mind, the rider, don’t be fooled by other brands who simply put their logo on a mass produced bar and then claim to have spent a fortune developing it. Pro-lite handlebars are developed the hard way, by listening to what you the rider wants.


 Ravenna super-light carbon road bar
 San Martino aero wing road bar
 Abductor ergonomic bar
 Rosetta alloy "wing" bar
 Chivetta racing bar

 San Martina track bar
Time Trial & Triathlon
 Salemo clamp on carbon aero bar
  Trieste Alloy Aero Bar set
 Livenza Alloy Bullhorn Bar set
  EPO Plus Extenders

Road - Ravenna super-light carbon road bar
Road - San Martino aero wing road bar
Road - Abductor ergonomic bar
Road - Rosetta alloy "wing" bar
Track - Chivetta racing bar
Track - San Marina track bar
Time Trial & Triathlon - Salemo clamp on carbon aero bar
Time Trial & Triathlon - Trieste Alloy Aero Bar set
Time Trial & Triathlon - Livenza Alloy Bullhorn Bar set
Time Trial & Triathlon - EPO Plus Extenders