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Pro-Lite seat posts are tested to way beyond anything that sets the standards in the bicycle industry. Some years ago the CEO was riding his bike with a seatpost of another well known brand in it. Without warning he heard a crack and the next thing he remembers is looking up at the engine of an SUV which was about 15 cm away from his face. Having suffered lacerations to his inner thigh and a trip to hospital he decided to produce the strongest monocoque seatpost in the world. Now you have it, the Pellegrino. Tests proved this was 2.5 times stronger than any other seatpost on the market and even then it could not be broken. Using a drop test with more than 150kg the post refused to break. Even with 210KG the best result was to get a crack in the outer layer of the carbon and x-rays showed no damage to the inner core.

San Vito is also produced to amazingly high standards and under the load test we were able to bend the post back 22 mm with 200kg of weight and it still would not break.

Testing is our priority to our customers and remember, weight and strength go together; saving those few extra grams of weight could cost you something more than a new seatpost when it breaks. 

  Pellegrino 2010      Sanvito     Caressa


Item Title
San Vito carbon/alloy road seatpost
Caressa composite aero seatpost
Pellegrino 2 monocoque seatpost
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