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Global Service

  All Service and warranty queries are handled by our global service centre, Hotlines Europe Ltd, with servicing being done by ProLite trained and accredited wheel building specialists and mechanics. Initial contact for all servicing enquiries should be via email to
On receipt of your enquiry, a Hotlines customer support advisor will reply with all the details required to process your service requirement.

Questions about the warranty details? Read the Limited Warranty here as a PDF.

Warranty Terms
Please note Pro-Lite wheels or any other Pro-Lite product bought through unauthorized dealers (eBay or any form of on-line auction ) carry NO WARRANTY.  If you have any questions about locating authorised dealers, look at www.pro-lite.net  or email

The warranty is strictly limited to the original purchaser and is not transferrable. Any warranty claim must be accompanied with proof of purchase. Pro-Lite will not be responsible for any consequential damages whatsoever. 

Warranty does not cover any damage or wear of any kind or deterioration that is a result of regular use of the product , neglect, (insufficient care and maintenance ) , accidents, stress caused by overloading or over-torque, incorrect mounting, improper treatment, damage or malfunction resulting from changes or modifications made to the bicycle or component.

Our warranty for all wheels is 1 year against manufacturer’s defects. Eligibility for warranty is determined at the factory by the Pro-Lite personnel. If a manufacturing problem is determined, a proof of purchase date will be requested from you and if you have returned the product within the first year, the policy is to repair or replace the product at no charge. Please keep your proof of purchase. 

All Pro-Lite products have an intended purpose, if the product is used outside of that purpose, it will not be warranted and Pro-Lite cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur in the process. Examples of misuse include but are not limited to: mountain biking, tandem riding. Our products simply are not designed to withstand the forces generated by these activities. If there are any questions regarding a product’s fitfulness for use, email us; we will be glad to help.

If you are experiencing a problem with a Pro-Lite product, the first step you should take is to look at our maintenance tips under the technical information section of our web site. You may find a simple solution to your problem there. Otherwise you should email us at Someone in customer service will be able to help you. 

If it is deemed necessary to return your goods, to our factory for inspection you will be issued a return number. It is imperative for you to put this number on your box. After inspection and warranty determination we will perform the necessary repair or replacement. Should there be any cost to you, you will be notified prior to any repair being executed for your determination. If you decide that you do not want us to repair or replace the product, you will need to cover the cost of returning the product to you. If we do not receive a determination from you after 90 days from the receipt of your product at the factory, then the product becomes the property of Pro-Lite. It will be destroyed – not re-sold.

In the case where your product is within the warranty period, but is damaged either by yourself or in a race accident, etc., we have a crash replacement policy. This policy covers a 2 year period following the purchase date of your product.  You must register your product within 28 days of purchase using the registration card attached to your wheels at purchase or online at www.pro-lite.net. 

Pro-Lite guarantee only applies to claims made by the original purchaser and any claim must be accompanied with proof of purchase and registration of the new product. The proof of purchase must show the name of the customer and address, the date of purchase, dealer address, price paid and product name and number.

In the result of a crash, providing you register the wheel purchase when new, a new set of wheels will be offered to you at a greatly reduced price. The damaged wheels will then be destroyed. 

For any warranty claim please initiate a warranty claim with the dealer, who will instruct you on whether or not you have a valid warranty claim, and the correct warranty procedure. If you are unable to contact your dealer you can contact our service department at  

The warranty does not cover:- 

Labour and transport costs, nor does it cover follow up costs resulting from subsequent product compatibility problems, defects or any other costs associated with the warranty claim.

Products without a sales receipt or invoice, which makes it impossible to establish the date and place of sale and also because of the risk of illegal or illicit provenance ( stolen, contraband, sold in violation of any fiscal regulations, etc )

Damage occurring during product shipping or transportation.

Products that have reached the end of their normal life cycle. 

Products that have had their identification marks altered or removed in anyway. ( serial number, production codes etc )

Aesthetic imperfections related to the surface, finish or appearance of the product that were evident or identifiable at the moment of purchase. 

Lubricants, brake pads and all consumable materials.

Damage caused by accidents, tampering, negligence, abuse or improper use, lack of appropriate or reasonable maintenance, corrosion, incorrect installation, repairs performed inadequately or spare parts installed improperly, use of non-compatible spare parts or accessories, use in conjunction with non-compatible components, modifications not recommended or approved by Pro-Lite, normal wear and tear or deterioration due to the use of the product, commercial use of the product. 

Labour costs required to remove the product from the bicycle.

Compensation for any inconvenience or for not being able to use the product while it is being repaired or replaced.