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 Rovigo TX Photochromatic Glasses

Just as with the regular Rovigo glasses, the Rovigo TX has an ergonomic fit with superior ventilation for fog resistance. Colors and shade have been chosen specifically for real riding situations and for casual wear.

AND they get darker when it gets bright outside, so you get the benefit of having one pair of sunglasses that changes for you, saving you hassle.  Naturally, they feature UV400 protection (not all photochromatics do) and feature a gentle rate of change based on advice from optical physicians.  UV A - 100%. UV B - 100%.

Light and durable, they are the perfect choice for any rider. Our experience, from selling around 15,000 pairs in the past few years has been very positive and our feedback always comments on the fit, the amazing immunity to fogging and the stability on the face, preventing the sunglasses both from sliding down the nose as well as preventing bouncing during running, jogging or anything active. We even have people who keep them on while swimming! Could it get any better for triathlon?

Pro-Lite sunglasses come with a soft Microfiber cloth for cleaning.









We have samples and we are now accepting orders. If you are interested in placing an OEM order, please contact us immediately for more special ordering information. These will be on store shelves soon!

Lenses change from light to dark in direct sunlight.

2 colors available:



Which color should you choose?

It's personal preference, but if you want a bit more info, check this site out.

Read about it in our News item!


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