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 Elbrus 6061 / Carbon Stem  
Designed to compliment our range of alloy and carbon matrix road bars this beautifully sculptured stem fulfils the requirement for cyclists with the almost insatiable desire to utilise carbon fibre.
Using a platform of race proven ultra-lite 6061 aluminium we carefully blend with high modulus carbon fibre casing to achieve a low weight, high strength product with a long service life.
4 bolts for better load spreading at the clamp
CNC machined for greater accuracy
Blend of carbon and alloy for lightness
Carbon also gives shock absorption
Lengths: 90 - 130mm in 10mm steps
Weight:  155 g /100 mm (V)





Barbore   31.8 mm
Angle  ± 10°
Extension CODE
 90 mm PL-RS-OS-ACB-90
100 mm PL-RS-OS-ACB-100
110 mm PL-RS-OS-ACB-110
120 mm PL-RS-OS-ACB-120
130 mm PL-RS-OS-ACB-130
  Elbrus 6061/carbon
CNC 7075
6061 forged