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 San Vito carbon/alloy road seatpost  

San Vito is also produced to amazingly high standards and under the load test we were able to bend the post back 22 mm with 200kg of weight and it still would not break. Testing is our priority to our customers and remember, weight and strength go together; saving those few extra gramme’s of weight could cost you something more than a new seatpost when it breaks.

Seatpost in Carbon Fibre
Cradle in Alloy
300 & 350mm lengths available
Weight: 226g / 27.2 x 350mm (V)





  Size    CODE
  27.2 PL-SP-AC-B
  31.6 PL-SP-OS-AC-B

2 monocoque seatpost
  San vito
carbon/alloy road seatpost 
composite aero seatpost