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Pro-Lite CEO Steve Fenton Honored by BRAINy Award

As one of the founders of the increasingly crucial Taichung Bike Week industry event, Steve Fenton picked up a special accolade from Bicycle Retailer, a prestigious BRAINy Award as International Executive of the Year for his work as an organizer of Taichung Bike Week. Although unable to attend, Steve was stunned and deeply moved by the honour, thanking everyone who has had a role in making Taichung Bike Week the success that it is today, and shared his hopes that the event will continue to grow.

"Every year we strive to make improvements to TBW and again this is due to the clear vision of everyone who is involved with TBW. By keeping it simple we are able to look and listen to what the industry needs and hopefully we will continue to make this a great way of doing business for many years to come." 
                                                     -   Steve Fenton


For quite a few years now, Steve has been supporting Taiwan as the most important center for serious bicycle manufacturing in the world. With the ability to manufacture top quality parts with diverse material choices and the centralized experience and knowledge base, this is simply the best place to be right now. And the importance of that is that building on the momentum from current successes, we have an unbeatable opportunity to do business like at no other time in the history of the bicycle.

Gathering our strengths to a single time and place is what Taichung Bike Week is all about and has become in the minds of the many CEO's and managers that have come to view it as an indispensible part of the industry calendar.

Sincere thanks to Bicycle Retailer for this award and for the support they have given for the event.