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Wheelset Videos
To help our customers with doing basic servicing on their own, we have been providing an extensive and detailed manual on all of our wheelsets for some time now. With recent updates to our product line, it seems that a different approach will be needed. In response
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to that, we are unveiling a new set of wheel service videos showing the procedures to clean and service hubs.

While many riders will feel more comfortable having this done by experienced hands at their local bike shop, there are still plenty of riders who have a garage full of tools and can sling a wrench pretty handily. Still, if you have never done this before, the idea of delving past the freebody, past the seals and into bearings and pressed fittings can be more than a little daunting.

A new series of videos is currently in the process of being edited and presented online. We will continue to improve this series as the need demands.

For now, the focus of the video series is on how to do the work with simple tools that average home users might have available and showing the work in a clear and simple way. Hosting the videos for display on YouTube's friendly interface allows viewers to pause for details while keeping the pace quick enough to not waste any time.

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