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Freehub Body Info
We get quite a few questions about the details of our freehub bodies. When it is time to swap wheels around from bike to bike, it is pretty common to need to make a switch of the freehub body to mate a wheel up with a different cassette.

For the most common cassette types, such as SRAM and Campagnolo, this is pretty straightforward. However, Shimano cassettes have made a few changes recently, so it may be a bit confusing for some.

The following wheels have the same hub to freehub body construction, so they use the same freehub body:
Vicenza & Padova
Luciano & Merano
Bracciano & Stelvio & Treviso

The following wheels have their own freehub body:

The Gavia wheel uses two different hubs. The v2 has a slightly different layout and an easier freehub body switch. The v2 uses the Bolzano II hub. The Bolzano II has the words Bolzano.v2 printed on the hub itself. Some may refer to this as the 2010 model. Note that this is a differentiation of the HUB.

What's the difference between Shimano 10 Speed and Shimano 9 Speed?

Shimano 10 Speed     Shimano 9 Speed (aka Shimano 8/9 Speed)
This is a designation of the FREEHUB BODY. The 10 Spd freehub body is ONLY compatible with the 10 Spd Shimano Cassette. You cannot use SRAM or other Shimano. With Shimano's cassettes, they decided to change the height of the flanges on the freehub body. The flanges on the 10spd Freehub body are higher so they fit the Shimano Cassette.

NOTE: Since this design is patented by Shimano, we will not be producing more of these. While we feel that it is probably fair use to make a device that allows the use of Shimano equipment on our equiment, it's not worth the legal hassle just to reduce a tiny gap that is probably just cosmetic.
  The 9 Spd is compatible with 8/9 speed cassettes. It is also compatible with SRAM. In fact, it can also be used with Shimano 10 speed cassettes too, but will require the use of a SPACER. See the Shimano technical document for the Ultegra 6700 cassette here.

See: Item #13, Shimano Order code: Y-1Z8 07000