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Masters of Manufacturing Series

A new series of short articles examining different areas of manufacturing that go on at the Pro-Lite factories.

Many people wonder if Asian factories really can produce professional quality. Stories abound telling of cut corners, sweat shops, unqualified workers and outright lies on materials.

Those who have been to Asia can testify that the reality is a lot more mundane. Taiwanese factories are staffed by skilled workers, often with decades of experience and extensive technical training. Taiwanese bosses are keenly aware of the need to maintain high quality production facilities to keep the reputation they have worked hard to build over the past few decades - indeed, this is one of the reasons that Pro-Lite CEO, Steve Fenton is so enthusiastic in his tireless promotion of Taiwanese manufacturing through Taichung Bike Week.

A walk through one of our factories reveals racks upon racks of CAD designed molds and jigs, industry-leading testing machines - big and small, state of the art computer controlled CNC fabrication machines, behemoth tube benders - all on a backdrop of neatly dressed, trained and experienced workers. Swept floors, green tea and espresso in spotless white demitasses provide the mood and ambience from the factory office, right out to the factory floor.

Behind sealed doors are controlled ventilation "clean rooms" where carbon fiber is laid up and prepared for curing in industry leading high-pressure vacuum forming machines.

We hope that there is something informative for all  as we provide a series of articles on manufacturing at the Pro-Lite factories here in Taiwan.

The first article will focus on: Next, we will examine: Later, we will look at:
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