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Light on White Custom Painting
Two-Tone Custom Painting

How to get from A to B as quickly as possible? Good question; a good answer: use a Pro-Lite time trial frame.

Why? Because we have designed and developed many different frames for both national and professional teams around the world, who never seem to produce the same size of rider more than once.

The point is that the average rider is not a paid professional and can't afford to have a so called custom frame builder spend 3 months to convince you that you should pay a small fortune to have something made for you, that we all know is no faster than a frame using race proven geometry at fraction of the price.

Linked to the fact we don’t just let anyone with a welding machine build out of Pro-Lite PBS tubing, we have created the time trial frame that is designed for the serious racer who wants to get from A to B as quickly as possible.

The Espresso is one of four frames that are compatible with the new Aerobuster system.

Thanks to this standard, the Espresso can use either a standard 27.2mm round seatpost via a converter OR the super-rigid Aerobuster seatpost.

  • Super Light full P.B.S 7005 Alloy Time Trial Frame
  • 1 1/8" Integrated Headset (41.8 campy) 
  • Seat Post: Aerobuster Carbon seat post 350mm  
  • English-threaded Bottom Bracket shell 
  • Replaceable Dropouts designed to break
       in a fall protecting the frame from severe damage.
  • Adjustable Dropouts for tire 700-20C-23C
  • Internal Brake Cable Routing
  • Weight: 1640 g / 51 cm (V)

    Adjustable Dropouts          Aerobuster seat post


    Optional Aerobuster Upgrade Kit

    The Aerobuster Frame is available for standard seat post via a converter clamp.

    Standard  Seat Clamp :


    PRO-LITE GEOMETRY : Espresso
    Seat Tube - Centre to Top H   490   510     530     550    570
    Seat Tube - Centre to Centre   435.5   455.5   473.6   493.6   497.3
    Head Tube Length B 100   110   125   132   134
    Top Tube Horizontal C 500   508   520   540   560
    Bottom Bracket Drop G 68   68   68   68   68
    Seat Tube Angle D 76   76   76   76   76
    Head Tube Angle A   72   72.5   72.5   73   73
    Wheel Base E 939.3   942.7   959.8   969.4   979.2
    Chain Stay Length F   398   398   398   398   398
    Fork Rake 40   40   40   40   40




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