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 Savona - Race - 6061 Alloy Crank set
The Savona 6061 crank with our external bearing BB system has proven to be a real winner. The Savona is forged out of our AL-6061-T6 alloy material and is designed to looks beautiful, be strong and light. The addition of the external BB offers superior and durable bearing design and is lighter than conventional designed BB’s.

As with all Pro-Lite crank sets we provide precision machined CNC chain rings that are specifically machined to ensure ultra smooth shifting. The teeth profiles are unique and have undergone over 12 months testing both on and off road to let you enjoy riding and one less thing to worry about.
Full Alloy 6061 t6 Forged Crankset

Alloy 7075 T6 full CNC chainring

Oversize Axle and outer bearing bottom bracket set
Crank set comes complete with outer bearing bottom bracket set
Weight: 172.5mm - 562g (Right side) / 216g (Left side) (V)
Weight: BB set - 120g (V)

Available Specification:

BCD 130 - 53 t / 39 t : 170.0 , 172.5 , 175.0

BCD 110 - 50 t / 34 t : 170.0, 172.5, 175.0







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6061 Alloy Crank set
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Track - 7075 Alloy Crank set