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 Siena - Race - High Modulus Carbon Crank set
The Siena is a revolutionary new design of carbon crank. Designed in close cooperation with a team of 15 riders on the European race circuit. New production methods developed by Pro-Lite are used for these cranks, to create a huge increase in total stiffness  and the crank's stiffness-to-weight ratio sets new standards. In-house lab testing of various high-end cranks has proven the superior performance of the "Siena" crank over a number of well known brands.
 The sealed bearing bottom bracket is designed to simply not flex at all and thus allows increased power transmission for the rider. These cranks have undergone extensive road tests with heavier riders up to 95 kg in weight without any problem. Safety i  always our highest priority and the "Siena" is able to continually withstand the highest loads applied by any rider. 

Super Light Weight

Full Carbon Monocoque Crank

Oversize Axle and outer bearing bottom bracket set
Crank set comes complete with outer bearing bottom bracket set
Weight: 170mm - 578g (Right side) / 258g (Left side) (V)

Weight: BB set - 120g (V)


Available Specification:

BCD 130 - 53 t / 39 t - 170.0
BCD 130 - 53 t / 39 t - 172.5
BCD 130 - 53 t / 39 t - 175.0

BCD 110 - 50 t / 34 t - 170.0
BCD 110 - 50 t / 34 t - 172.5
BCD 110 - 50 t / 34 t - 175.0







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