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 Sassari - Time Trial - 7075 Alloy Crank set

The Sassari is based on the same technology we use for Siena and we use laser technology for the alignment of the crank to the BB spindle. Designed for the true connoisseur you will not be disappointed when you see the craftsmanship involved with this crank set.

Stiffness is the key to crank performance and the design team were simply focussed on producing maximum stiffness when we set about developing this crank. Once we came up with the initial design we went back to the drawing board and improved the stiffness further.

The bottom bracket uses Japanese bearings produced for use on aircraft and will provide a lifetime of use with very little maintenance and once fitted you can rest at ease and get on with your cycling knowing that you have purchased a Pro-Lite product that simply provides peace of mind.


Full Alloy 7075 t6 Forged Crankset

Alloy 7075 T6 full CNC chainring

Oversize Axle and outer bearing bottom bracket set
Crank set comes complete with outer bearing bottom bracket set
Weight: 170mm - 625g (Right side) / 258g (Left side) (V)

Weight: BB Set - 120g (V)


Available Specification:

BCD 130 - 53 t / 39 t : 170.0 , 172.5 , 175.0

BCD 110 - 50 t / 34 t : 170.0, 172.5, 175.0

Time Trial:
BCD 130 - 56 t : 170.0, 172.5, 175.0
Variety of sizes available - contact for details








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